Agendas for meetings of LCRA Board of Directors

Here is the meeting schedule for the LCRA Board of Directors and LCRA Transmission Services Corporation. The Board also may hold specially called meetings as needed. Below are agendas of upcoming and recent Board meetings. For more information, contact LCRA.

LCRA Transmission Services Corporation
For information on meetings of the Board of Directors of LCRA Transmission Services Corporation see below.

LCRA Board Agendas
Dec. 16​​​
Nov. 18Watch ​meeting​​​​​​​​
Oct. 21​​​​​​​​Watch ​meeting​​​​​​​​
Aug. 19Watch ​meeting​​​​​​​​
Aug. 18 (Special Called Meeting)​​
May 20​​​​
April 14​​​​
March 11Watch ​meeting​​​​
Feb. 19Watch ​meeting​​​​
Jan. 21 (Special Called Meeting)​​


LCRA Transmission Services Corporation Board Agendas
Dec. 16​​​
Nov. 18Watch ​meeting​​
Oct. 21​​Watch ​meeting​​
Aug. 19​​Watch ​meeting​​
May 20​​
April 14​​
March 11Watch ​meeting​​
Feb. 18​Watch ​meeting​​


LCRA Wholesale Energy Services Corporation Board Agendas
May 20
March 11Watch ​meeting
Feb. 18Watch ​meeting​​
Jan. 21

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For meeting locations and dates see Board Meeting Schedule.
In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, public meeting notices are posted at least 72 hours before each scheduled meeting and can be viewed: