LCRA lowers Lakes Austin, LBJ​

The Lower Colorado River Authority has temporarily lowered lakes LBJ and Austin to allow property owners to perform needed dock repairs and other maintenance, and to help thwart the growth of nuisance aquatic vegetation. The drawdowns began Jan. 2, and will be concluded by Feb. 13. Read ​more.


Ever wonder what lies beneath Mansfield Dam?
Check out one of the tough jobs that makes LCRA a great place to work.​


Zip line above the pines
McKinney Roughs Nature Park is home to the first dual zip line in Texas. The new adrenaline-inducing attraction will have you soaring over picturesque box canyons, lush greenery and the lower Colorado River. Book your adventure at ZipLostPines.com.

Wet 2016 helps Highland Lakes rebound
​After enduring several years of severe drought and low lake levels, the Highland Lakes fully rebounded in 2016. ​ View the yearly inflows and LCRA’s lake level projections for 2​017​.​


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