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​​Retirees: what’s different in 2017?

Here’s what to expect next year.

Most providers are staying the same.
Our providers for medical, prescription drug, vision and dental coverage are staying the same in 2017.

Get a free second medical opinion.*
You and your covered dependents have access to a new benefit called 2nd.MD if you participate in LCRA’s group medical plan. The service allows you to get a second medical opinion at no cost to you. Watch a video about how it works. This new benefit is available now – you don’t have to wait until 2017.

LCRA is streamlining its medical plan options.*
LCRA will offer a single comprehensive medical plan for retirees in 2017, UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus. The Choice Plus plan offers similar benefits as the Choice plan. Additionally, the Choice Plus plan provides the added security of out-of-network benefits. Take a closer look at the Choice Plus plan copays and benefits.

Insurance premiums are changing.
We’ve worked with our vendors to negotiate the best possible rates. Retirees currently enrolled in the Choice Plus plan will see their premiums decrease. Retirees who move from the Choice medical plan to Choice Plus next year will see their premiums increase because the Choice Plus plan provides additional benefits. Vision and dental premiums are going up by 4 and 5 percent, respectively, because the premiums are based on our claims history. Our claims were greater last year and the increase is needed to cover the costs. View the premiums.

The Virtual Visits copay is decreasing to $10.*
The copay for Virtual Visits is decreasing to $10. This telemedicine benefit allows you to see a doctor 24/7 from the comfort of your home using video chat on your computer or Internet-connected mobile device. All other UHC Choice Plus copays are staying the same.

The structure of the prescription drug plan is changing.
UnitedHealthcare will continue to be our prescription drug insurance provider. In 2017, the prescription drug plan will categorize drugs into three pricing tiers, with additional tiers for specialty drugs. Review the pricing tiers and copays. UHC provides a prescription drug list that shows the pricing tiers for the most commonly prescribed medications. It’s organized by type of medication so you and your doctor can see all the covered medications for specific conditions. There may be a lower-cost alternative for a drug you are taking.

Two new legal plans will be available.
ARAG is our new legal provider, and you have two plans from which to choose. In both plans, you may select attorneys from a list of network providers, and most covered legal matters are 100-percent paid-in-full when you work with a network attorney. Plan features include a self-help legal library that will be available to retirees, even if you don’t elect legal coverage. If you want to participate in a legal plan, you need to select a plan during open enrollment. View a detailed summary of both plans.

The tobacco affidavit process and fee are changing.*
The 2017 tobacco use affidavit is included on the open enrollment worksheet this year. Retirees who participate in LCRA’s group medical plan must complete and return the affidavit, even if you aren’t making changes to your benefits for next year. The tobacco use fee is increasing to $75 a month beginning January 2017. You will have an opportunity to take an LCRA-sponsored cessation course in early 2017 to waive the fee for the remainder of the year.

*For retirees who participate in LCRA’s group medical plan.


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