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​​Steps for open enrollment for retirees under 65

Open enrollment for your 2017 benefits is Oct. 17 to Nov. 11, 2016. The benefits you select during open enrollment will take effect Jan. 1, 2017.

  1. Review the 2017 benefits options.

  2. Complete the enrollment worksheet you received in the mail from LCRA. If you want legal coverage in 2017, you must elect coverage during open enrollment. Your 2016 legal plan election will not carry forward to next year.

    IMPORTANT: The worksheet also includes the 2017 tobacco use affidavit. If you participate in an LCRA group medical plan, please complete the affidavit and return the form, even if you are not making changes to your benefits. If you don’t return the affidavit, you will begin to pay the monthly tobacco fee, even if you don’t use tobacco.

  3. Return the completed form to LCRA postmarked by Nov. 11, 2016.


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