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LCRA Steps Forward is a corporate employee volunteer program that launched in 2015. LCRA works with communities to identify suitable service projects and LCRA supplies the labor and the materials needed to complete the projects. Most of the projects selected have been those in which the communities did not have people or financial resources to complete them on their own. LCRA Steps Forward 2017 is March 31.

The service reinforces LCRA's longstanding commitment to enhance the quality of life of the Texans we serve.



What is LCRA Steps Forward?

LCRA Steps Forward is an employee volunteer program. LCRA works with communities to identify suitable service projects. LCRA provides the materials needed to complete each project and volunteers to do the work.




What has been the impact?

The first LCRA Steps Forward Day occurred in spring 2015. Since then hundreds of employees completed about 80 service projects in dozens of communities throughout the lower Colorado River basin. Leaders within the communities told us some of the projects had been on their "to do" lists for years, but a lack of people or resources had prevented the communities from completing them. Throughout its rich history, LCRA has served Texas. Watch a video recap of LCRA Steps Forward 2016. LCRA Steps Forward 2017 is March 31.

What makes a suitable Steps Forward project?

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Pedernales River Nature Park 
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A typical Steps Forward project will accommodate a team of volunteers who can work together to complete a task in a day. Suitable projects include painting, brush clearing, river and park cleanup, landscaping, library organization, and building and playground rehabilitation projects. Safety is a foundational value at LCRA and is a key consideration when selecting Steps Forward service projects.

How are projects chosen?

LCRA works with many of its wholesale power and water customers to identify service projects. Priority is given to projects in our customers' communities, and LCRA accepts Steps Forward project requests from city officials within those municipalities. In 2015 and 2016, some municipalities partnered with LCRA to complete the projects.

Can I submit a project for consideration?

LCRA is proud to serve a large basin. Because we want to ensure we have the resources available to safely complete each project we accept, and because priority is given to projects within our customers’ communities, we can only accept project requests from city officials affiliated with LCRA’s customers.

How can I learn more?

Please contact us at for more information about LCRA Steps Forward. We look forward to hearing from you.