LCRA Fleet Services

Looking for a one-stop, turnkey solution to your fleet maintenance needs without the downtime of driving to Houston or Dallas? LCRA can help.

energy_fleet_parts.jpg A wide variety of tough-to-get parts are stocked to cut down on turnaround.

Skilled mechanics and technicians operating out of LCRA’s Fleet Services facility can do it all:

  • Hydraulic maintenance and repair;
  • Safety inspection;
  • Hydraulic rebuilds;
  • Hydraulic unit transfers;
  • All mechanical work;
  • Transmission work;
  • Body work;
  • Welding;
  • Painting.

LCRA Fleet Services offers a convenient solution to all your fleet needs. By offering a diverse range of services, LCRA Fleet Services can cut you downtime by eliminating the need to haul your vehicle from one shop to another.

LCRA Fleet Services also stocks a variety of tough-to-get parts. It even has a hose manufacturing facility to replace difficult-to-find hoses with custom-made ones that fit perfectly.

Shorter downtime


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