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Promoting stewardship of natural resources in the Colorado River basin

LCRA's primary responsibility is to serve as a steward of the lower Colorado River. Two fundamental elements of that stewardship mission are: protecting the water and lands of the lower Colorado basin and informing the public about how the river affects their lives.

Whether it's monitoring water quality or helping students learn about energy efficiency, environmental leadership and public education figure into all of LCRA's diverse roles and lines of business.

  • LCRA works to protect air quality, water quality and natural resources in Central Texas and brings together a broad range of interests to address environmental issues.
  • LCRA education efforts include natural science programs, leadership training for communities, energy efficiency programs for teachers and students and much more.

LCRA Redbud Center

The Wilkerson Center for Colorado River Education at Redbud tells the story of the Colorado River that flows through the heart of Texas and touches the lives of more than 1 million people.



Teaching about water


LCRA worked with educators to create Major Rivers, a curriculum designed to help fourth-grade students learn about Texas' major water resources.