Educational Programs

Educational opportunities with LCRA expertise

LCRA offers dynamic interactive natural science, water conservation and natural history education programs; river and bay recreation programs; a high and low ropes challenge course; energy safety and conservation programs; teacher development workshops; and leadership workshops for young people and adults.

Conservation Programs

LCRA offers a variety of programs to encourage stewardship and conservation of water, energy and land.

Natural Science Education and Recreation Programs

Offered at LCRA's natural science centers and led by a trained staff of educators, these programs provide children and adults with hands-on, outdoor opportunities to experience the natural world, expand on concepts learned in books or the classroom, and develop appreciation of the Colorado River basin's natural resources.

PowerHouse Program

This energy program incorporates technology and real-world data by encouraging students and their parents to become "detectives" of their home's energy consumption. This dynamic program allows educators to connect the classroom with home and community in a "powerful" way.

Teacher Development Workshops

Providing today's K-12 educator with effective hands-on resources to complement classroom curriculm is crucial to creating lifelong learners and natural resource stewards. Workshop topics include water education and conservation, wildlife ecology and conservation, archeological and cultural history, and land stewardship.