Teacher Development Workshops at LCRA's Natural Science Centers


LCRA has joined with natural science educators and curriculum writers to present teacher training workshops on the Major River curriculum. This program enhances opportunities for formal and informal educators to expand their curriculum and integrate outdoor experiences with classroom studies.

This workshop carries multiple agency accreditation and continuing education credits for teachers seeking required credits to maintain certification. Most programs are held at McKinney Roughs Nature Park​. Programs are scheduled on request for a minimum of 15 people.

Major Rivers (named for the major rivers of Texas) and his horse Aquifer lead elementary students through a fun educational program about the state's major water resources, how water is treated and delivered to homes and schools, and how to care for water resources and use them wisely.

The program has a variety of activities in science, math, language arts and social studies. Teachers receive student workbooks, pretest and post-test sheets, home information leaflets, overhead transparencies and an introductory video. An updated and improved edition correlates to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The new version has internet resources to enhance students' learning experiences and more "hands-on" learning opportunities and added interdisciplinary activities that expand on topics like water quality.

Grade: 4th-5th (can be adapted to other grade levels)
Cost: $35 (includes curriculum valued at $25)
Contact: 1-800-776-5272, Ext. 8041, outdoorprograms@lcra.org