McKinney Roughs Nature Park: Outdoor Programs

Challenge Course


Challenge your team to excellence

McKinney Roughs high and low ropes challenge course programs engage youth and adult groups in educational experiences that foster confidence, team-building and initiative skills in individual and group settings. Programs introduce basic skills in goal-setting, collective achievement and cooperative strategy. Resource management and river stewardship themes are woven throughout the challenge course experience. Programs serve students, educators, scouts and other youth groups, and professional organizations.


Games and Initiatives
Low-impact, high energy activities help establish and enhance basic relationships that are crucial to a positive and productive team. Team members participate in fun and creative activities that apply resource management skills and build group cohesion by introducing skills in communication, cooperation and compromise.

Low Course
This problem-solving environment brings groups together. Building from the simple to the complex, each element provides a platform for decision-making and teamwork using skills introduced with games and initiatives. Elements such as the Swinging Log and Mountain Tops are fun activities that strengthen team members' confidence and trust in each other.

High Course
A world of high adventure and unique perspectives captivates team members and challenges them to rely on group support to reach beyond their individual comfort zone. Progressing to the High Course makes personal and team goals a reality with elements such as the Catwalk, Power Pole, Rock Climbing Wall and Giant Swing. This safe and proven teambuilding course effectively builds on skills emphasized during Games and Initiatives and the Low Course, and is highly effective at tying together the strands of a dynamic leadership experience.

​Number of Participants
​ Youths ages 8 – 18​Minimum: 20
​Colleges, Universities
Nonprofit organizations
​Minimum: 10
​Corporate and professional organizations
Public events
​Minimum: 10


Ask about scheduling a program: Email outdoorprograms@lcra.org or call 512–303–5073 or 800–776–5272, Ext. 8041.