Hollywood Bottom Park

​Begin your paddling trip at Hollywood Bottom Park


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Hollywood Bottom Park is along the Colorado River south of Wharton. Its sandy beach is good for launching canoes and kayaks. Hollywood Bottom park is an excellent rest stop while canoeing the Colorado River before continuing on to the next access site 18 miles downstream.


Overnight camping is available on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations are required.


Prior written permission shall be obtained from LCRA for any organized group activity on LCRA land involving 20 or more individuals.

All groups of 20 or more require a Land Use Permit, call 800-776-LCRA, Ext. 3366 for details.

Fees  None.

Location and Hours

Hours and Contact Info:
Open 24 hours.


512-473-3366 or
800-776-LCRA, Ext. 3366

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5403 County Road 444
Wharton, TX 77437​

​Features & Events

​# Unimproved Campsites
Canoe / Kayak Launch Site
Sandy Beach
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Activities & Amenities

Canoe / Kayak Launch SiteFishingPicnic Tables and GrillsUnimproved CampingWaterless or Chemical Toilets
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