Useful links

​The links below provide the latest information on river and weather conditions throughout the lower Colorado River watershed, Texas and the United States.

​Web site
​Information found at site
National Weather Service (NWS) Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
​U.S. satellite imagery maps showing current conditions, precipitation forecasts and thumbnail images with links to weather forecasts for the next 12 hours to six days.
NWS National Doppler Radar Sites

​A map showing U.S. radar sites. Allows users to click on a site for regional radar images.
NWS Advanced Hydrologic Precipitation Service
​U.S. map showing gauges currently reporting major flooding or flood warnings.
NWS West Gulf River Forecast Center
​Shows current conditions of streamflow gauges throughout Texas and parts of the Southwest.
NWS National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center
​Provides the latest information on tropical storms and hurricanes.
​U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Real-Time Data for Texas: Stream flow
​Shows current conditions at more than 400 streamflow gauges throughout Texas.
USGS Real-Time Data for Lakes & Reservoirs in the USA
​Provides real-time data on the elevations of Texas lakes.
​Texas Water Development Board Drought Related Information
​Provides information on drought indices in Texas.