LCRA - Rainfall Summary

​Units in inches

This information comes from LCRA's network of remote gauges. Most of the gauges have no public access.


Location1 Hour3 Hour6 Hour24 HourSince Midnight
Bangs 6 W0.
Blanket 4 S0.
Brady 11 E0.
Brady Creek at Brady0.
Brownwood 10 SSW0.
Brownwood 4 SE0.
Buchanan Dam 1 ENE0.
Buchanan Dam 1 ENE - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Burkett 9 S0.
Burnet 5 NNW0.
Cherokee 10 WNW0.
Cherokee 2 NNW0.
Cherokee 4 E0.
Cherokee 6 WSW0.
Cherokee 8 NNE0.
Cherokee Creek near Bend0.
Clyde 6 S0.
Colorado River at Bend0.
Colorado River at Winchell0.
Colorado River near Goldthwaite0.
Colorado River near San Saba0.
Cross Plains 6 WNW0.
Eden 3 S0.
Eldorado 2 E0.
Fort McKavett 6 NW0.
Gouldbusk 4 N0.
Lake Buchanan at Cedar Point0.
Lampasas 10 WSW0.
Lampasas 11 WNW0.
Lampasas 13 WNW0.
Lawn 5 E0.
Lohn 3 WSW0.
Lometa 2 WNW0.
Mason 13 WNW0.
Mason 15 NNE0.
May 1 N0.
Melvin 2 S0.
Menard 11 NE0.
Menard 14 E0.
Millersview 7 WSW0.
Mullin 5 NE0.
Pecan Bayou at Hwy 2790.
Pecan Bayou near Mullin0.
Richland Springs 11 N0.
Richland Springs 6 NE0.
Richland Springs 6 WNW0.
Richland Springs 7 S0.
Rochelle 5 NNW0.
San Saba 15 ESE0.
San Saba 15 SW0.
San Saba 6 S0.
San Saba 8 ESE0.
San Saba 8 W0.
San Saba River at Menard0.
San Saba River at San Saba0.
San Saba River near Brady0.
Sonora 17 ENE0.
Tow 10 ESE0.
Tow 10 NNW0.
Tow 11 ENE0.
Tow 11 N0.
Tow 5 SSW0.
Tow 9 NNE0.
Tow 9 NNE - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.


Location1 Hour3 Hour6 Hour24 HourSince Midnight
Beaver Creek near Mason0.
Burnet 6 WSW0.
Burnet 6 WSW - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Castell 4 SSE0.
Cherokee 4 SSE0.
Cherry Spring 3 ENE0.
Comanche Creek near Mason0.
Doss 4 N0.
Doss 8 W0.
Fredericksburg 10 NNE0.
Fredericksburg 12 NW0.
Harper 13 NW0.
Harper 6 NW0.
Harper 8 NE0.
Hickory Creek near Castell0.
Honey Creek near Kingsland0.
James River near Mason0.
Johnson Creek near Llano0.
Johnson Creek near Llano - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Johnson Fork near Junction0.
Junction 14 SE0.
Junction 17 NW0.
Junction 18 ENE0.
Kingsland 7 WNW0.
Kingsland 9 WSW0.
Lake LBJ at 1431 Bridge0.
Lake LBJ at 2900 Bridge0.
Lake LBJ at Sandy Harbor0.
Little Llano River near Llano0.
Llano 11 SSE0.
Llano 13 SSW0.
Llano 14 WNW0.
Llano 19 SW0.
Llano 19 WNW0.
Llano 5 SSW0.
Llano 5 SSW - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Llano 6 SSE0.
Llano 7 NNE0.
Llano 9 NW0.
Llano River at Llano0.
Llano River near Junction0.
Llano River near Mason0.
London 12 SSE0.
Mason 10 NE0.
Mason 14 SSW0.
Mason 15 ENE0.
Mason 15 W0.
Mason 17 SE0.
Mason 3 NNE0.
Mason 7 WSW0.
Menard 12 SSE0.
Mountain Home 17 WNW0.
North Llano River near Junction0.
North Llano River near Roosevelt0.
Rocksprings 12 NE0.
Roosevelt 10 WSW0.
Round Mountain 11 WNW0.
Round Mountain 6 WNW0.
San Fernando Creek near Llano0.
Sandy Creek near Click0.
Sandy Creek near Kingsland0.
Sandy Creek near Willow City0.
Sonora 14 SE0.
South Llano River at Telegraph0.
Telegraph 5 SW0.
Telegraph 9 NW0.
Tow 5 W0.
Walnut Creek near Kingsland0.
Willow City 10 NNE0.
Willow City 6 ENE0.
Willow City 9 NW0.
Willow Creek near Mason0.

Marble Falls

Location1 Hour3 Hour6 Hour24 HourSince Midnight
Backbone Creek at Marble Falls0.
Flat Rock Creek near Marble Falls0.
Flat Rock Creek near Marble Falls - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Kingsland 6 ESE0.
Kingsland 6 ESE - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Marble Falls 4 WSW0.


Location1 Hour3 Hour6 Hour24 HourSince Midnight
Bertram 8 SSW0.
Big Sandy Creek near Jonestown0.
Blanco 13 WNW0.
Blanco 5 NNE0.
Burnet 1 WSW0.
Burnet 6 SSE0.000.00
Cedar Park 3 SSW0.
Cow Creek near Lago Vista0.
Cypress Creek near Cypress Mill0.
Dripping Springs 8 W0.
Flat Creek near Pedernales Falls State Park0.
Fredericksburg 10 SSE0.
Fredericksburg 10 WSW0.
Fredericksburg 5 N0.
Fredericksburg 9 SW0.
Hamilton Creek near Marble Falls0.
Harper 4 SSW0.
Harper 8 SSE0.
Johnson City 10 E0.
Johnson City 10 NNW0.
Johnson City 4 NNW0.
Johnson City 5 SSW0.
Johnson City 9 NNE0.
Lago Vista 1 ESE0.
Lakeway 2 E0.
Lakeway 6 W0.
Leander 5 SW0.
Mansfield Dam 1 ENE0.
Marble Falls 10 SSW0.
Marble Falls 14 ESE0.
Marble Falls 6 ENE0.
Miller Creek near Johnson City0.
North Grape Creek near Johnson City0.
Pedernales River at LBJ Ranch near Stonewall0.
Pedernales River near Fredericksburg0.
Pedernales River near Johnson City0.
South Grape Creek near Luckenbach0.
Spicewood 2 NNE0.
Spicewood 4 S0.
Spicewood 5 WNW0.
Stonewall 7 NNE0.
Willow City 3 NNW0.
Willow City 6 SSW0.


Location1 Hour3 Hour6 Hour24 HourSince Midnight
Bull Creek at Loop 360, Austin0.
Jollyville 2 SW0.
Lake Austin at Bunny Run Farm0.
Lake Austin at Cortana Shores0.
Lake Austin at Quinlan Park0.

Lady Bird Lake

Location1 Hour3 Hour6 Hour24 HourSince Midnight
Barton Creek at Loop 360, Austin0.
Barton Creek at SH 71 near Oak Hill0.
Barton Creek at SH71 near Oak Hill0.
Dripping Springs 4 NNE0.
Lady Bird Lake near Longhorn Dam0.
LCRA Redbud Center0.

Lower River

Location1 Hour3 Hour6 Hour24 HourSince Midnight
Big Sandy Creek near Elgin0.
Buckners Creek near Muldoon0.
Buckners Creek near Muldoon - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Carmine 1 SSW0.
Cedar Creek 3 WSW0.
Cedar Creek below Bastrop0.
Cedar Creek near Bastrop0.
Colorado River above La Grange0.
Colorado River at Austin0.
Colorado River at Bastrop0.
Colorado River at Bay City0.430.580.580.580.58
Colorado River at Columbus0.
Colorado River at Smithville0.
Colorado River at Wharton0.
Colorado River near Altair0.
Colorado River near Glen Flora0.
Colorado River near Lane City0.
Cummins Creek near Frelsburg0.
Cummins Creek near Frelsburg - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Driftwood 4 SSE0.
Dripping Springs 5 SSW0.
Eagle Lake 7 NE0.
Elgin 8 NW0.
Giddings 3 WSW0.
Gilleland Creek near Manor0.
La Grange 5 NE0.
La Grange 5 NE - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Lake Bastrop at Sim Gideon Power Plant0.
Lake Fayette at Fayette Power Plant0.
Lockhart 6 NE0.
Manchaca 4 W0.
Manchaca 4 W - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Matagorda 1 S0.
Muldoon 6 WSW0.
Muldoon 6 WSW - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Onion Creek at Buda0.
Onion Creek at Hwy 183, Austin0.
Pflugerville 3 SSE0.
Rosanky 1 W0.
San Bernard River at East Bernard0.
Sargent 1 ENE0.
Walnut Creek at Webberville Road, Austin0.
Wilbarger Creek near Elgin0.

Lavaca River

Location1 Hour3 Hour6 Hour24 HourSince Midnight
El Campo 15 WSW0.
El Campo 2 NW0.
Hallettsville 1 SSE0.
Moulton 1 SSE0.
Weimar 7 S0.

Brazos River

Location1 Hour3 Hour6 Hour24 HourSince Midnight
Bellville 1 SW0.
Bellville 1 SW - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Caldwell 1 NNE0.
Damon 1 NNW0.
Florence 3 SW0.
Goldthwaite 10 ENE0.
Industry 3 W0.
Industry 3 W - Temporarily unavailable. See disclaimer0.
Thorndale 3 SSE0.