Water Conservation

Using water wisely benefits us all

​​LCRA has a wide range of conservation programs for different water users within its river basin, from a program to automate canal gates in LCRA's irrigation divisions to a partnership program with municipal utilities and other customers to help pay for water efficiency projects such as converting irrigated areas from raw or potable use to recycled water. Saving water helps everyone. Get more information on specific programs by following the links below and go to www.watersmart.org for water saving tips and videos.
HB 1437
The HB 1437 Agricultural Water Conservation Program provides funds to LCRA's irrigation operations and grants to agriculture producers to implement agricultural water conservation projects. Learn more.
Simple conservation tips
​Watch videos offering tips to help Central Texans conserve water. Learn about the use of mulch, native plants, efficient irrigation and more. Follow these simple tips to save precious water.​
Efficient landscape irrigation
Learn ways to water efficiently to improve the health of your yard and help conserve water. Watch a video how-to: Improving your automated system.
Texas Hill Country Landscapes
Builders and homeowners alike can use these guidelines to create beautiful landscapes, protect the environment and save time and money.​
Rainwater harvesting
How you can collect rainwater to use on your plants — or provide water for your entire houseshold.
What happens in a drought?
Read about current drought conditions. Customers with LCRA water contracts are required to develop drought contingency plans​.


​Save Water

For water saving tips, go to watersmart.org. Use this water calculator to find out how much water your household uses, and compare it to a similar average home and a highly efficient home.


2014 Water Conservation Plan adopted

The LCRA Board of Directors has approved LCRA’s 2014 Water Conservation Plan, which includes water conservation goals and strategies for all LCRA water customers, including cities, power plants, agricultural irrigation operations and golf courses. As a major water rights holder, LCRA is required to update its water conservation plan every five years.

Incentives Program Review Committee

Read more about the Water Conservation Incentives Program Review Committee. This group was formed to provide direction on LCRA water conservation incentives programs, assist with meeting the goals established in LCRA's 2009 and 2014 water conservation plans, and provide oversight of cost-sharing arrangements with customers for conservation purposes.

Purchasing WaterSense labeled products can help you protect the environment and help you save money on utility bills. Learn more at epa.gov/watersense.