Water Conservation

Using water wisely benefits us all

Saving water helps everyone. LCRA has a wide range of conservation programs for water users in the lower Colorado River basin. Get more information on specific programs and water-saving tips by following the links below.

LCRA water conservation programs
LCRA offers ways for domestic use and firm water customers to save water and money through the Firm Water Customer Conservation Cost-Share Program, irrigation technology rebates and free showerheads.

Learn ways to conserve water indoors and outdoors with helpful tips and videos.

Agricultural Water Conservation Program
The Agricultural Water Conservation Program helps LCRA’s irrigation operations and interruptible water customers implement agricultural water conservation projects.

2014 Water Conservation Plan

LCRA’s 2014 Water Conservation Plan outlines water conservation goals and strategies for all LCRA water customers, including cities, power plants, agricultural irrigation operations and golf courses. As a major water rights holder, LCRA is required to update its water conservation plan every five years.

Water Conservation Incentives Program Review Committee

The Water Conservation Incentives Program Review Committee was formed to provide direction on LCRA water conservation incentive programs, assist with meeting the goals established in the 2014 water conservation plan, and provide oversight of cost-sharing arrangements with customers for conservation purposes.