Water and Wastewater Utility Divestiture

​On July 1, 2012, LCRA transferred operation of 18 water and wastewater systems to Corix Infrastructure Inc. All customer service inquiries about the systems should be directed to Corix at 1-877-718-4396. Corix Media Relations can be reached at 1-877-232-2128​​.

The systems involved are: Lake Buchanan Water System, Spicewood Beach Water System; Smithwick Mills Water System; Ridge Harbor Water System; Ridge Harbor Wastewater System; Paradise Point Water System; Sandy Harbor Water System; Quail Creek Water System; Camp Swift Wastewater System; McKinney Roughs Wastewater System; Alleyton Water System; Alleyton Wastewater System; Matagorda Dunes Water System; Matagorda Dunes Wastewater System; Lometa Water System; Lometa Wastewater System; Windmill Ranch Wastewater System; and Windmill Ranch Raw Water System.

Corix is a North-American focused multi-utility company that has more than 2,000 employees in 60 locations in the United States and Canada and owns and/or operates more than 220 water and wastewater utilities serving more than 600,000 people. On March 30, LCRA and Corix signed purchase and operations agreements for Corix to buy the retail water and wastewater systems. The sale is expected to close not later than December 2013. Upon closing, Corix will take ownership of the systems. Prior to closing, Corix must apply to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for approval of the sale.

The agreements between LCRA and Corix are part of a larger divestiture of LCRA's water and wastewater systems. In November 2010, LCRA's Board of Directors decided to sell its water and wastewater systems so LCRA could focus its resources on managing the river, promoting conservation, and planning to meet the basin's future water needs, as well as providing a balanced portfolio of electric generation resources, transmission services and community services.

LCRA's Board set following criteria for choosing a buyer or buyers:

  • Ability and commitment to provide reliable, quality utility services;
  • Ability to invest capital for needed infrastructure;
  • Commitment to meeting state regulatory requirements; and
  • Willingness to compensate LCRA for its investment.

LCRA purchased and developed the community water and wastewater systems in the Hill Country and along the Colorado River, mostly in the past 10-15 years. Traditionally, LCRA has not provided treated water, only raw water from the Colorado River, since it was created by the Texas Legislature in 1934.

Other divestiture updates:

  • On March 19, LCRA transferred operation of the West Travis County Water and Wastewater systems to the West Travis County Public Utility Agency (PUA). The transfer is a significant milestone in the sale of the systems that LCRA and the PUA agreed to on Jan. 17. The PUA has taken over all responsibilities for operating the systems and setting rates. LCRA and the PUA are working to ensure a smooth and effective transition. Questions about services, billing or other issues should be directed to the PUA and its customer services agent, Severn Trent Environmental Services, at (512)246-0498 or csaus@stes.com. For more information go to wtcpua.org or read the customer letter.
  • LCRA and the City of Rollingwood closed on Aug. 1 on the sale of the Rollingwood Wastewater Utility System.
  • LCRA and the City of West Lake Hills closed July 16 on the sale of the West Lake Hills Wastewater System.
  • LCRA and the Whitewater Springs Water Supply Corporation closed on July 12 on the sale of the Whitewater Springs Water System.

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