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August rain boosts lake levels​

​​Lakes Travis and Buchanan remain well above their average monthly elevations, thanks to a wetter-than-average year in the Texas Hill Country. Lake levels rose in August, which typically is one of the driest months of the year in Central Texas. LCRA lake level projections show lake levels will remain above average this fall, even if conditions turn exceptionally dry.

The amount of water that has flowed into the Highland lakes this year is already more than what the lakes normally receive in an entire year. Inflows are the amount of water flowing into the lakes estimated from measurements at four gauges upstream.

Inflows into the Highland Lakes in August were 41,449 acre-feet, about 66 percent of the August historical average, and nearly three times the total of August inflows from 2011-2015.​ (An acre-foot is 325,851 gallons.)

Through August, inflows into the Highland Lakes this year total more than 1.35 million acre-feet, more than the yearly average of 1.21 million acre-feet.

The Highland Lakes were created to manage floods and capture water when it rains to ensure the region has a reliable water supply during dry times. Lakes Travis and Buchanan provide drinking water for more than a million people and water to industries, businesses, the environment and agriculture in the lower Colorado River basin.​