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WaterSmart Tools
Water My Yard 
Automatic irrigation systems often are improperly programmed and can lead to overwatering. LCRA has partnered with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service to offer the free Water My Yard program, which provides recommendations on how long to run irrigation systems efficiently while maintaining healthy lawns.

The program uses a home or business address, irrigation system information and local weather information to recommend outdoor irrigation runtimes for specific neighborhoods. By filling out a simple online form, residents and business owners can receive weekly email or text message updates on optimal watering times for their specific neighborhoods.

​See Water My Yard service areas in LCRA's service area:

Home Water Works 
Find quick and easy ways to save water for home and business. When you conserve water, you also conserve energy.  Use the interactive water calculator to learn how much water various household activities can use.
Thin soils, hot weather and periodic droughts punctuated by torrential downpours make gardening in Central and South Texas a challenge. LCRA adopted WaterSmart landscape guidelines to help homeowners and homebuilders create well-designed, water-efficient landscapes.
Water Conservation DIY
Watch and learn how to properly mulch and irrigate your yard, and learn other water-saving tips.​