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Lori A. Berger

Fayette County

Lori A. Berger of Flatonia is self-employed. Berger, a former city council member and mayor of the City of Flatonia, has been vice chair of the Association of Rural Communities in Texas and has served on the boards of the Fayette County Gardenia Jansen Animal Shelter, Fayette Memorial Hospital Foundation, St. Marks Hospital, and the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Board Regional and State Review committees. She served as co-chair of the Flatonia Czhilispiel and as a member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Committee, Flatonia ISD Education Foundation, and Flatonia Chamber of Commerce. Then-Gov. Rick Perry appointed Berger to the LCRA Board in 2009. Gov. Greg Abbott reappointed her in 2015 for a term that expired Feb. 1, 2021. Director Berger continues serving until her successor has been appointed and has qualified.