LCRA and La Grange award $22,360 grant for community center restoration

Grant will help Knights of Columbus hall repair damage from Hurricane Harvey

June 19, 2018

LCRA and City of La Grange representatives present a $22,360 grant to help restore the Knights of Columbus Community Center in La Grange. The grant is part of LCRA’s Community Development Partnership Program. Pictured, from left to right, are: Theo Svec, Knights of Columbus 2574 member; Glen Weyand, K. of C. 2574 member; Douglas Supak, K. of C. 2574 field agent; Morgan Smith, community center board member; Pam Keilers, K. of C. 2574 supporter; Arlin Keilers, K. of C. 2574 grand knight; Lori A. Berger, LCRA Board member; John Cernosek, La Grange mayor pro tem and K. of C. 2574 member; Kate Holman, LCRA Governmental Affairs representative; Patrick Lyons, K. of C. 2574 member; Henry Holub, K. of C. 2574 member; Pete Quitta, K. of C. 2574 member; and Jim Kothmann, K. of C. 2574 member.

The Knights of Columbus Restoration Foundation soon will replace hurricane-damaged floors and restrooms at the Knights of Columbus Community Center in La Grange, thanks to a $22,360 community development grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority and the City of La Grange.

The Community Development Partnership Program grant, along with more than $22,000 in matching contributions, will allow the foundation to replace the community center's floors with new commercial floor tile and remodel the restrooms. The community center needs extensive work to repair damage it received during Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.

During the storm, more than 6 feet of water flooded the building, destroying the interior ceiling, flooring, walls and appliances, as well as refrigeration and air conditioning units. Despite the damage, the Knights of Columbus were able to use the property to help others in need in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane by allowing the community center's outside porch and parking lot to be used as a staging area. The Knights of Columbus Restoration Foundation was formed to help raise funds to repair the building.

"We were devastated to see how a catastrophic event changed our building and our town so suddenly," said Arlin O. Keilers, Knights of Columbus grand knight. "We work hard for the community and take a great deal of pride in being able to donate and help many different organizations, but when we suffered this loss, we had to look to the community for help ourselves."

The entire interior of the hall has been cleaned out, and the process of rebuilding has started.

"The restrooms will get new tile and will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act," Keilers said. "We will use a higher-quality tile, which will be more durable and last much longer. The community center was built over 40 years ago, and the only thing that changed in those 40 years in the restrooms was replacing stalls, a few floor tiles and new paint. The new flooring will make for a more modern look that we hope will last another 40 years."

The Knights of Columbus Community Center can hold more than 750 people, making it one of the largest community centers in La Grange and a major event center for the city and surrounding area.

"We are truly excited about being able to show the community all of the improvements and updates, and begin providing for our community again," Keilers said. "We thank LCRA and the city for helping make this happen for the community center, the members and the La Grange community."

The community grant is one of a number of grants recently awarded through LCRA's Community Development Partnership Program. The program provides economic development and community assistance grants to cities, counties, volunteer fire departments, regional development councils and other nonprofit organizations in LCRA's wholesale electric and water service areas. The program is part of LCRA's effort to give back to the communities it serves. The City of La Grange is one of LCRA's wholesale electric customers and a partner in the grant program.

Applications for the next round of grants will be accepted July 1-July 31. More information is available at

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