LCRA extends lake lowerings by five days

Refill of lakes LBJ, Marble Falls will begin Sunday, Feb. 24

Jan. 4, 2019

The Lower Colorado River Authority has extended the drawdown of lakes LBJ and Marble Falls by five days to assist property owners in recovering from recent flooding.

During the drawdown, Lake LBJ will be lowered about 4 feet and Lake Marble Falls will be lowered about 7 feet. LCRA can only lower Lake LBJ about 4 feet without impacting operations at the Thomas C. Ferguson Power Plant on Lake LBJ.

LCRA began the drawdown on Dec. 30, but paused the lowerings Jan. 2 after recent rains prompted LCRA to partially open a floodgate on Tom Miller Dam. Flood operations at Tom Miller Dam are expected to end by late Monday, Jan. 7.  The drawdown will resume after flood operations at the dam conclude.

Lake LBJ now is expected to reach its lowered level by Wednesday, Jan. 9, and Lake Marble Falls is expected to reach its lowered level by Saturday, Jan. 12, based on current weather and inflow forecasts through early next week. However, those dates could change with additional rain.

The refill now is scheduled to begin Sunday, Feb. 24, and conclude Thursday, Feb. 28. For more information, visit
Unforeseen circumstances such as floods or power emergencies could prompt LCRA to change or cancel the drawdowns. Equipment and tools should not be left in the lake unattended and should be removed from the lakebed when not in use.

About LCRA
The Lower Colorado River Authority serves customers and communities throughout Texas by managing the lower Colorado River; generating and transmitting electric power; providing a clean, reliable water supply; and offering access to nature at more than 40 parks, recreation areas and river access sites along the Texas Colorado River, from the Hill Country to the Gulf Coast. LCRA and its employees are committed to enhancing the lives of Texans through water stewardship, energy and community services. LCRA was created by the Texas Legislature in 1934. For more information, visit

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