LCRA to recoat bridge on top of Mansfield Dam

Bridge will be covered as coating is removed and replaced

Oct. 17, 2017

The Lower Colorado River Authority is beginning a months-long project to recoat the bridge at the top of Mansfield Dam.

The preventative maintenance will remove corrosion that has developed since the bridge was last recoated in the 1970s and help ensure the bridge remains in top condition. Traffic was rerouted more than 20 years ago and no longer travels across the bridge.

Over the next few months, parts of the bridge will be covered with scaffolding and tenting to allow crews to capture blasting material and paint. The debris will be vacuumed up and disposed of properly.

The bridge’s main girders will be repainted the same gray the bridge is now, but the color will appear darker because the current coating has weathered since it was applied more than 40 years ago.

“The dam is in excellent condition and continues to serve this region well,” said John Hofmann, LCRA executive vice president for Water. “We are recoating the bridge now, when there is minor amount of corrosion, to protect the dam structure so it can continue to function reliably for generations to come.”

The work will take place on one span of the bridge at a time, starting on the north end and working toward Mansfield Dam Park. Work on each of the bridge’s five spans will take about six weeks per span, and is expected to be complete in June 2018.

During the $1.9 million project, the dam will remain fully operational and capable of responding to floods or water supply needs.

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