Serving Texans since 1934

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On Nov. 13, 1934, Texas Governor Miriam "Ma" Ferguson signed legislation creating the Lower Colorado River Authority. LCRA opened its doors for business on Feb. 19, 1935.

At the time, the Colorado River that meandered through the Hill County was a constant threat – in times of drought it could all but dry up, but when rains fell, anything nearby could be in danger and under water. More than once, flooding from the untamed river destroyed dams and even rose above the iconic Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin.

Through the years, LCRA's mission has expanded well beyond managing the river and dams that created the Highland Lakes. Today, LCRA is a major wholesale public power provider with a diverse power generation portfolio. LCRA provides its wholesale electric customers with competitively priced power in a market affected by increasingly volatile fuel costs. LCRA Transmission Services Corporation builds and operates transmission lines that crisscross the state, and LCRA owns more than ​11,000 acres of parkland in the lower Colorado River basin.

As it has for decades, LCRA also continues to manage the lower Colorado River, which provides water for more than a million people, businesses and industries, power plants and, when it's available, for agriculture.

Throughout its history, LCRA has been focused on responding to the pressing challenges facing Texans. LCRA's focus is on providing exceptional customer service. We seek to earn our customers business each and every day.

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