Hilbig Gas Storage Facility

The Hilbig Gas Storage Facility is an underground reservoir in Bastrop County that helps ensure a reliable natural gas supply and lower cost gas for LCRA's gas-fired power plants.


The Hilbig site in Rockne originally was an ancient volcano that was sealed later by an outer layer of shale. The site is a mature oil field first put into commercial operation in the 1930s. LCRA purchased the field in 1990 to store natural gas.

The facility has a working storage capacity of up to 4 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

The Hilbig field helps LCRA lower average gas costs by storing gas purchased at favorable prices, while also providing increased reliability and avoiding higher price peaking and swing gas contracts.

To ensure safety, LCRA constantly monitors the pressure of the gas contained in Hilbig and keeps gas stored in the reservoir at safe levels. In the unlikely event of a gas leak, safety valves located strategically throughout the facility would automatically close to prevent accidents.