Winchester Power Park


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LCRA operates Winchester Power Park, located north of La Grange in Fayette County, to meet increasing needs for power during peak-demand periods.

The "peaker" power plant was designed to help LCRA's wholesale electric customers provide electricity when it is needed most, typically during early morning, late afternoon and evening hours when residents use electric appliances and heat or cool their homes.

The four-unit, natural gas-fired facility came on-line in May 2010 and can generate about 176 megawatts, enough to serve more than 35,000 typical Texas homes when the demand for power is highest. The four turbines are jet engines and can power up to full capacity in about 10 minutes.

Winchester Power Park is an important component of LCRA's diverse generation supply mix because it reduces the amount of power LCRA purchases when its customers' demand for electricity is at its peak, thereby helping LCRA contain power costs for its wholesale electric customers.


Winchester Power Park

Year built: 2010
Capacity: About 176 MW
Fuel: Natural gas
Location: Winchester, north of La Grange in Fayette County, about 51 miles southeast of Austin