Fayette Power Project

The ​Fayette Power Project offers efficient, reliable and environmentally responsible power for Central Texas consumers. FPP helps LCRA and its wholesale electric customers provide affordable electricity for Texans.

The facility is located on a 10-square-mile site east of La Grange. It includes three units capable of generating about 1,615 megawatts of electricity. That's enough to serve more than 320,000 typical Texas homes when the demand for power is highest, such as very hot summer afternoons. Austin Energy and LCRA co-own units 1 and 2; LCRA owns Unit 3.

The main fuel source is coal from the Powder River Basin of Wyoming, which contains less ash than other types of coal or lignite. The coal is delivered by rail. Burning low-sulfur coal is one of many steps FPP staff takes to minimize air emissions from this plant.

At a cost of $400 million, LCRA and Austin Energy installed on units 1 and 2 desulfurization equipment, known as scrubbers, that have significantly reduced emissions from FPP. The scrubbers reduce the plant's sulfur dioxide emissions. In addition, LCRA completed upgrading the scrubber on Unit 3, which was installed when the unit was built in 1988.

FPP uses electrostatic precipitators to filter fine particles like dust and smoke from the flow of gases through the units.

LCRA also uses Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems to monitor nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and mercury emissions in its commitment to produce power in an environmentally responsible manner.

LCRA is installing technology to reduce mercury emissions and comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Mercury Air Toxics Standards.

FPP has been named a top performer in reliability, efficiency and cost management among an international group of coal-fired power plants. EUCG Inc., a global electric utility industry group recognized as the industry standard for performance, ranked FPP second among all coal plants for fiscal years 2008 through 2012. The awards are based on each generating facility's reliability record and management of operations and maintenance costs. Information was submitted by 23 power member companies representing 96 generating units throughout the United States and internationally.

Fayette Power Project

  • Unit 1, completed in 1979, can produce about 590 MW; Austin Energy co-owns the unit.
  • Unit 2, completed in 1980, can produce about 590 MW; Austin Energy co-owns the unit.
  • Unit 3, completed in 1988, can produce about 435 MW.

Read a fact sheet on FPP​.

LCRA, as operating partner, manages all three units. FPP gets its cooling water from Lake Fayette, a 2,400-acre reservoir that provides a variety of recreational opportunities and some of the state's ​best freshwater fishing.​

The Environmental Protection Agency requires that coal-fired power plants post certain reports and records regarding coal-combustion residuals. LCRA will post the required reports here.