Lockhart–Luling Transmission Line Upgrade

​Project Name: Lockhart-Luling Transmission Line Upgrade
Project Location: The project is from the Lockhart Substation located at 1000 E. FM 20 in Lockhart to the Luling Substation at 1795 N. Hackberry St. in Luling.
Project Description: LCRA Transmission Services Corporation (TSC) will upgrade the existing 16.9 miles of 138-kilovolt (kV) T184 (Lockhart-Luling) transmission line from 136 Megavolt amperes (MVA) to 221 MVA using single 795 aluminum conductor steel reinforced cables. 
Some substation equipment will also be upgraded at the Mendoza, Lockhart and Luling substations.
Project Need: The area has been experiencing significant, rapid electric load growth due to oil and gas activities associated with Eagle Ford Shale.
Project Budget: $12.664 million.

Project Map:


Key Project Milestones:


  • Project approved by LCRA Board: May 2015.
  • Project engineering scheduled completion: Spring 2016.
  • First access of right of way or site: Fall 2016.
  • Planned start of construction: Fall 2016.
  • Planned construction completion: April 2017.