Blumenthal Substation and 138-kV Transmission Line Project

LCRA Transmission Services Corporation (LCRA TSC) and Central Texas Electric Cooperative (CTEC) are working together to add electric infrastructure to serve a growing area east of Fredericksburg. LCRA TSC will build a new single circuit 138-kilovolt (kV) transmission line, located mostly in Gillespie County, to connect the planned CTEC Blumenthal Substation in eastern Gillespie County and LCRA TSC's Kendall-to-Mountain Top 138-kV transmission line in northern Kendall and western Blanco counties. The Public Utility Commission chose the final route for the project on Nov. 19, 2015.

The transmission line is needed to improve the reliability of the electric transmission system while meeting the region's growing demands for power. It will provide a power source to the new CTEC Blumenthal Substation and ensure that CTEC's member-owners in southeastern Gillespie, far western Blanco and northern Kendall counties receive reliable electric service.

The transmission system in the area is experiencing electric load growth from new customers and an increase in power demands from existing customers. Load growth is expected to continue from eastern Gillespie County to western Blanco County and northern Kendall County, exceeding CTEC's ability to reliably meet electric needs with the existing facilities. The new Blumenthal Substation and 138-kV transmission line are required to safely and reliably meet projected demand for electricity by CTEC customers, including residential, small and large commercial, emergency response, churches, schools, ranch and farm operations, water treatment plants, bed and breakfasts, RV camps, state and national parks, wineries, and communications towers and systems.


Blumenthal Intervenor Map filed with the PUC on
April 20, 2015

​Project Update:

Nov. 19, 2015: The Public Utility Commission (PUC) of Texas approves the Blumenthal Project and selects Route 16, which consists of Substation Site 7; Segments O1,Q, S, T, A1, F2, E1, V1, H1 and J1; and Tap Point 2. Map of the PUC-approved route. PUC Final Order.

Sept. 18, 2015: Administrative Law Judges assigned to this docket issue their Proposal for Decision (PFD). The PFD is available on the PUC interchange.

Oct. 31, 2014: LCRA TSC files an application with the PUC to amend its Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) to construct the proposed Blumenthal Substation and 138-kV Transmission Line Project in Blanco, Gillespie and Kendall counties. The PUC assigned Docket No. 43599 to this proceeding. Links to the LCRA TSC's complete CCN application are available below and at the PUC Interchange (enter docket number 43599 into the Control Number field to find documents relating to the project).

On the day LCRA TSC filed its CCN application, it mailed notices to potentially affected landowners. Notices were published in local newspapers the week of Nov. 3. 2014.

LCRA TSC's CCN Application Files:

Interactive Ma​pping ​Tool: (high-speed Internet access recommended) This tool allows you to zoom in and out using aerial imagery. It includes the primary alternate route segments, potential substation sites, tap point locations and property line information obtained from the county appraisal districts.  This mapping tool has been updated to reflect the information included in the LCRA TSC CCN application.

Past Activities:
Landowner Workshop: On Sept. 6, 2014, the Hill Country Alliance hosted a landowner workshop in Fredericksburg to update interested landowners on the LCRA TSC's proposed Blumenthal substation and 138-kV transmission line project. Read LCRA's presentation on the pr​oject status and process.

Open House: ​LCRA Transmission Services Corporation (TSC) and Central Texas Electric Cooperative (CTEC) hosted an open house on May 15 at the Stonewall Chamber of Commerce. Potentially affected landowners and elected officials attended to learn more about the proposed Blumenthal project and to provide input on the preliminary route segments and potential substation locations. (Potentially affected landowners are those listed on current county tax rolls as owners of land within 300 feet of the center line of any proposed preliminary route segments.) Open house notices were published in area newspapers.​

These are the exhibits, maps and information LCRA TSC provided at the May 15 open house in Stonewall. ​
​​Open house exhibit boards: Includes informational boards displayed at the open house.
Photo simulation boards: Illustrates the alternate transmission structure types – pole, lattice and H-frame – available for this project.
Land use constraint maps​: U.S. Geological Survey topographic base maps depicting routing constraints and preliminary alternate route segments/potential substation locations.
Map 1 – Western study area
Map 2 – Eastern study area
​Aerial photos: Aerial imagery maps depicting routing constraints and preliminary alternate route segments/potential substation locations.
Map 1 – Western study area
Map 2 – Eastern study area
Property ownership map: Aerial imagery maps showing property lines based on county appraisal district data and preliminary alternate route segments/potential substation locations.
Overall project index map: Use this map to identify areas of study (below).
Map 1 – Northwestern study area
Map 2 – Eastern study area
Map 3 – Southwestern study area