Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Landowners

Who should I contact if I have a concern about my property while construction is underway?

Call 800–776–5272, Ext. 4545, to speak with a real-estate representative.

What should the right of way look like after construction is completed?

LCRA TSC will restore the right of way to a condition as near to the original condition as possible, including replanting native grasses and other plants.

During construction, right-of-way areas may become rutted and nearby vegetation may wear away due to vehicle traffic or other construction activities.

Will LCRA TSC install gates and fences along the right of way?

LCRA TSC does not fence the right of way. If fences cross the right of way, LCRA TSC will install gates so access can be maintained along the right of way. LCRA TSC will install locks on the gates if the landowner requests them. LCRA TSC always locks right-of-way gates at public roadways.

How often does LCRA TSC patrol the lines?

Every six to 18 months.

How often is line maintenance conducted?

Right-of-way maintenance and vegetation clearing are performed every two to five years after the initial clearing project. Transmission line and structure maintenance are performed every 10 years.

Does LCRA TSC notify landowners before entering private property?

LCRA TSC sends written notification via mail for maintenance and construction activities. LCRA does not provide advance notice to landowners for routine patrols and inspections, or during an emergency.

Does LCRA TSC use contractors to build projects?

LCRA TSC employs contractors to complete portions of its construction work.

Is work done on the weekends?

LCRA TSC may work on the weekends. Please call 800–776–5272, Ext. 4545, to speak with a real-estate representative if you have any concerns with working times on a project.