Property easement and construction

LCRA Transmission Services Corporation acquires easement rights along the path of the transmission line to allow for construction, operation and maintenance of the line. An easement is a legal document that gives LCRA's transmission affiliate the right to use privately owned land for a specific purpose. The landowner retains ownership of the property.

Once construction begins, those with property near the chosen route can expect to see LCRA employees and contractors arrive with equipment specifically designed for power line construction. LCRA's transmission affiliate will make every effort possible to minimize disturbance to you and your property during construction.

Owners of land directly affected by the line will be contacted and all efforts will be made to minimize disturbances to landowners and their property.

Land restoration

After completing any work on the transmission line, the surface of the easement property will be restored. Landowners may continue to use the easement property for activities such as farming and ranching, as long as the activity does not interfere with the line's construction, operation and maintenance, and does not jeopardize the safe use of the easement area.

For more information, contact us through our Ask LCRA tool.

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