POWERHOUSE: Hands-on energy education

Program contact info

Marcus O'Connor
Natural Science Programs Supervisor

512-303-5073, ext. 8007


The POWERHOUSE™ Energy Investigation Program teaches school students and their families about energy use, generation and delivery. LCRA offers the POWERHOUSE program to its wholesale electric customers and they sponsor the program to schools within their service areas.

Through POWERHOUSE, students get a hands-on understanding of energy generation and consumption by becoming energy "detectives." Using a walk-through guide, students investigate and record their households' energy-using features. The results of each student's investigation are entered into a software program, which analyzes the data and produces a personalized energy profile. Back in the classroom, students review their personalized home energy profile, play energy-related games and take part in an interactive review of the program information.

LCRA developed the POWERHOUSE program in 1998 and offers it to its wholesale electric customers as an optional service. Wholesale electric customers have presented POWERHOUSE to over 70,000 Texas students during the past 20 years. More than 500 students learned how to use less energy and save natural resources during the 16-17 school year, thanks to presentations in nine schools by twelve utility sponsors.