To provide our visitors diverse and unique experiences, LCRA parks is always interested in creating new alliances and exploring development opportunities. From food vendors to resort-style developments, a wide-range of business opportunities are available to experienced companies. Learn more on the different ways external parties may get involved with us.

Hero Water Sports

Adventure on the water at Lake Bastrop North Shore Park


Zip Lost Pines

An exhilarating rush through the Texas Hill Country


Kona Ice

The coolest shaved ice truck, now at Black Rock Park


LCRA parks offers the opportunity for qualified and experienced individuals and/or companies to provide a quality service via concession operation on LCRA lands. Concessions are public/private partnerships in which LCRA provides land or space for private commercial operations that will enhance the property and/or recreational experience of visitor in exchange for payments to help attain financial sustainability. Concessions can range from food service vendors and recreation providers to overnight accommodations for visitors.