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Notification methods

Please choose how you would like to receive flood notifications from LCRA. You may select multiple options.

Email notifications will be sent to the primary and secondary emails listed above. To opt out of email notification, email FONS@lcra.org or call 512-578-3246.


Please choose the dam(s) for which you would like to receive notifications.

Buchanan Dam (forms Lake Buchanan and is upstream of Lake Inks and Lake LBJ)
Inks Dam (forms Lake Inks and is upstream of Lake LBJ) does not have floodgates, but you may request to receive a notification if water is discharged over the spillway.
Wirtz Dam (forms Lake LBJ and is upstream of Lake Marble Falls)
Starcke Dam (forms Lake Marble Falls and is upstream of Lake Travis)
Mansfield Dam (forms Lake Travis and is upstream of Lake Austin)
Tom Miller Dam (forms Lake Austin and is upstream of Lady Bird Lake)
Lake Bastrop Dam (forms Lake Bastrop. Releases flow to the lower Colorado River through Bastrop and Bastrop County.)

Terms and conditions

I hereby apply to participate in the Flood Operations Notification Service (FONS) of the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA).

I acknowledge that the purpose of LCRA FONS is to alert me by email, text and/or phone call when the opening of floodgates is imminent or has begun, but that some circumstances may require LCRA to begin floodgate operations prior to FONS activation. I acknowledge my understanding that LCRA FONS is not a flood warning system and that it is my responsibility to act in response to any conditions that could result from floodgate operations, including taking steps to protect people and property. I understand I will not receive a notice for nominal, regular gate operations, hydroelectric generation or gate testing and maintenance. I agree it is my responsibility to monitor local news media, National Weather Service broadcasts and/or other information sources to keep myself and my family aware of potentially hazardous conditions. I understand LCRA will attempt to notify me once when floodgate operations are imminent or have begun, and that no additional notifications will be made, even if the level of floodgate operations increases. I agree to hold LCRA, its employees, agents and successors harmless for any injury, death and/or property damage that I, or any person on the premises of my residence or business establishment, may suffer due to a failure of the LCRA FONS system to provide notification to the telephone numbers and/or email addresses provided on this registration form.

I agree to notify LCRA in writing or via email to FONS@lcra.org of any changes in addresses or telephone numbers. I understand it will take up to 30 days for LCRA to enter my initial or updated information into the LCRA FONS system.

The terms of this agreement will begin within 30 days after the application is submitted and continue through March 31, 2019. LCRA will attempt to notify applicants via the email addresses provided when their data has been entered into the system. LCRA may terminate this service at any time by providing 30 days written notice to the address provided on this application.

By submitting this form, I indicate my acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement.