Map of LCRA's jurisdiction for regulating septic systems

water_map_tn.gif To protect the water quality of the Colorado River, LCRA regulates on-site sewage facilities, or septic systems, located near the Highland Lakes and in municipalities with which it has obtained inter-local agreements.

The maps on the following pages can help you determine whether a property is within LCRA's jurisdiction. If you have property in the municipalities of Briarcliff, Granite Shoals, Jonestown, Lago Vista, Lakeway or Volente, on-site sewage facilities are regulated by LCRA. In cases where it is unclear whether a property is located within LCRA's jurisdiction, contact LCRA at 512–578–3216 or 1–800–776–5272, Ext. 3216 - option 1, for a determination.

DISCLAIMER: The following pages include maps to help property owners determine whether a location is within LCRA's regulatory jurisdiction. LCRA strives to provide accurate data according to the resources available. However, LCRA does not warrant or guarantee that the information provided is complete, accurate or current. LCRA shall not be liable for any deficiency in the information.

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