New water projects


Arbuckle Reservoir

The Arbuckle Reservoir, formerly known as the Lane City Reservoir, will be the first significant new water supply reservoir developed in the lower Colorado River basin in decades. LCRA is building the reservoir off the main channel of the Colorado River, near Lane City in Wharton County.

The reservoir could add up to 90,000 acre-feet of water to the region's supply. It is the first project that will allow LCRA to capture and store significant amounts of water downstream of the Highland Lakes.

The new reservoir will benefit the entire basin by helping reduce the amount of water otherwise required to be released from the Highland Lakes to serve downstream demands, including industrial and agricultural customers.

The reservoir is expected to begin operating in early 2019. Read the fact sheet.

Prairie Conservation Reservoir

The proposed Prairie Conservation Reservoir will include a 2,000 acre-foot, off-channel reservoir and a possible new pump station  in Colorado County.

The new reservoir will provide water to agricultural customers in the Lakeside Irrigation Division and has the potential to save up to 20,000 acre-feet of irrigation water ordered from the Highland Lakes in a typical year through increased efficiency. The reservoir also will enhance habitat for waterfowl and water birds.

LCRA received an $8 million federal partnership award to help construct the reservoir. Read the fact sheet.

Bastrop groundwater wells

LCRA drilled four wells as part of the Bastrop County groundwater project. The project has added 10,000 acre-feet to the water supply by allowing LCRA to pump up to 10,000 acre-feet of water a year, under certain conditions, at LCRA's Lost Pines Power Park in Bastrop County.

Additional water projects

LCRA is exploring additional water strategies for Central Texas, including using surface water, treated effluent and groundwater to address the needs of the high-growth areas of LCRA's water service area. LCRA will shorten the timeline to bring the new projects on-line by having the projects' planning, design and permitting done before they are needed.​

crane Crews build the wave wall at the Arbuckle Reservoir in April 2018. ​​

pump Crews construct the relift pump valves at the Arbuckle Reservoir site.
truck A truck waters down the sides of the Arbuckle Reservoir, which are strengthened with soil cement, during construction in 2017. LCRA is aggressively working to expand the region's water supply and increase water management efficiency in the lower Colorado River basin.
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