Achieving balance between floods and droughts

Careful management of river and lakes ensures ample clean water and safer recreation

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River and Weather
Stay up-to-date on the latest information on river and weather conditions throughout the lower Colorado River watershed.

Dams and Lakes
LCRA operates six dams on the lower Colorado River in Central Texas: Buchanan, Inks, Wirtz, Starcke, Mansfield and Tom Miller.​
​Residential and Commercial Water Utilities
Sign up for retail water service and learn about other services LCRA offers.
Save Water
Saving water helps everyone. Find out how and get information on specific topics.​
Water Supply
Managing the region's water supplies requires careful planning and conservation.
Intricate infrastructure, expertise and cooperation help reduce flood damages.
​Protecting Water Quality
Protecting water quality in the lakes and river is a vital part of LCRA's mission. The State of Texas gives LCRA responsibility for protecting the waters of the lower Colorado River basin.
​Water Recreation & Safety
With so many locations a short drive from cities, LCRA lakes, parks and river sites are ideal for connecting people with the environment of Central and South Texas.



Save Water

Get tips to conserve water, how-to videos, water schedules and more on the Save Water home page.


Redbud Center

redbud_promo.jpgThe Wilkerson Center for Colorado River Education at Redbud tells the story of the Colorado River that flows through the heart of Texas and touches the lives of more than 1 million people.



Report Water Quality Issues

Do you have a water quality concern or complaint? Notify LCRA using our revamped form.