Getting the most out of your benefits – pre-65 retirees

LCRA offers competitive health benefits, but there are additional best practices you can adopt to make the most of the resources available to you and to lower your costs.

7 ways to maximize your benefits and get the most out of your health care coverage

1. Shop around.

UnitedHealthcare offers on-demand tools so you can compare facilities, doctors and procedures to find the right quality and value for your health. For major medical procedures, you could save hundreds of dollars. Find resources on the UnitedHealthcare app.

2. Use Tier 1 specialists.

UHC has a credential for rating specialists on quality and value. When searching for a specialist using UHC’s online provider search, look for the Tier 1 designation. These specialists meet UHC’s stringent criteria, and you will pay a lower copay when you visit a Tier 1 specialist.

3. Save money with virtual care.

No copay required when you use UHC’s Optum Virtual Care. From the comfort of your home, you can visit with a doctor using video chat for routine illnesses like colds and fevers. It also gives you access to behavioral health specialists for needs such as depression, anxiety, or stress. Doctors are available 24/7.

4. Discuss medication options with your doctor.

LCRA’s prescription drug plan categorizes drugs into three pricing tiers, with additional tiers for specialty drugs. You can search for a medication on or within the UnitedHealthcare app so you know exactly what you will pay before you arrive at the pharmacy.

Consider having the UHC app available at the doctor’s office so you can have a more informed discussion about your medications and possible alternatives before leaving with the prescription.

You can cut down on cost by opting for generic medication or filling prescriptions via mail order by visiting your MyUHC member portal or go to the UHC app to see if your drug is eligible for mail order through OptumRX.

UHC’s specialty medication copay card and coupon program may lower your monthly copay, and help you save on your out-of-pocket costs for certain specialty medications.

For your convenience, you can fill a 90-day supply of maintenance prescriptions at a retail pharmacy.

5. Keep up with preventive care.

LCRA’s group medical plan covers preventive care at no additional cost when you see an in-network provider. Preventive care is designed to help you stay healthy and may help catch health problems early. Preventive care includes screening tests, vaccines and wellness visits. Regular visits with your primary care doctor give you the opportunity to discuss things like quitting tobacco, healthy eating or reaching a healthy weight.

6. Get a second opinion.

If you participate in LCRA’s group retiree medical plan, you have access to 2nd.MD, an LCRA benefit that provides a free second medical opinion. This service is a great resource for those who are managing chronic conditions, received a new diagnosis or may need a procedure.

7. Ramp up wellness.

Strengthen your healthy habits or add some new ones to the mix. LCRA wants to help you feel great. Check out the Real Appeal online wellness program for daily encouragement and incentives.

You can also consider joining One Pass, a wellness subscription membership that provides access to a nationwide network of fitness locations and on-demand fitness classes. You can also get groceries and household essentials delivered to your home.



UnitedHealthcare app
Just Plain Clear Glossary – look up medical and insurance jargon
Optum Virtual Care – meet with a doctor through video chat
Real Appeal – daily encouragement and incentives
2nd.MD – get a free second medical opinion
One Pass – subscription membership to access fitness and on-demand classes and home essential delivery options

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877-791-9964 (UHC Medicare supplement)

Guardian (Dental)

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