Clean Rivers Program

Clean Rivers Program is a state fee-funded water quality monitoring, data assessment and public outreach program administered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. River authorities, water supply districts and government councils coordinate​ the program through grants awarded by TCEQ.

Clean Rivers Program Goals

  • Encourage comprehensive and cooperative watershed planning.
  • Enhance public participation and outreach.
  • Maintain a basin-wide water quality monitoring program.
  • Provide a scientific response to water quality problems.
  • Identify, analyze, and report on water quality issues and potential causes of pollution.

Clean Rivers Program Partners

LCRA is the lead agency for the Clean Rivers Program in the Colorado River basin, implementing the program from Lake Buchanan to Matagorda Bay. The Upper Colorado River Authority implements the program in the Concho River and Colorado River above O.H. Ivie Reservoir. Other agencies contributing water quality data within the basin include the City of Austin, the U.S. Geological Survey, and TCEQ regional offices.

For more information on the Clean Rivers Program, including a list of statewide partners, visit the TCEQ website or contact us through Contact LCRA.​