Step-by-step process to obtain an on-site sewage facility permit

1. Application process

  • Read the online application instructions.
  • You also may download the application or get a permit application package by calling 512-578-3216 or 800-776-5272, ext. 3216, option 1.
  • Submit a completed application for a permit and license along with the appropriate fee. If you are submitting your application online, you may pay with a credit or debit card.

A complete application will include: application form; proof of ownership of property (including warranty deed or tax record); drawing or survey of the property; soil analysis; floor plan of the proposed structure; floodplain compliance letter from the appropriate floodplain administrator; a drawing showing proposed location of the septic system, wells, structures, etc.; a copy of the system design plans (if professionally designed, two sets should be submitted); affidavit to the public; and appropriate fee. All drawings must be to scale.

If your property is less than 1 acre, you also must submit a recorded plat of the property along with all associated plat notes.

2. Inspection preparation
Within two workdays of submitting the application, mark your property with the proposed location of the drain field, septic tank, house, wells, driveways, etc.

Within two workdays of submitting your application, post the notice provided to you by LCRA at the site. This notice will list the owner’s name and property description. The notice must be visible from the roadway to help inspectors locate your property.

3. Permitting process
LCRA staff will perform an on-site inspection at your property to determine whether it can receive tentative field approval. The property should be marked prior to this inspection.

LCRA will then perform a detailed plan review. If LCRA does not find issues that would delay approval, LCRA will issue a construction permit (authorization to construct).

LCRA will mail the permit to you unless you indicate to us that you would prefer to pick it up. Once your installer has possession of the permit, installation of the system may begin.

4. Inspection process
Installation inspections are performed at various stages of the installation process. The owner or installer must schedule the required inspections. To schedule an inspection, call 512-578-3216 or 800-776-5272, ext. 3216, option 4. If you have questions about the installation process, call 512-578-3216 or 800-776-​5272, ext. 3216, option 1, to leave your message.

Installation inspections will be performed within two workdays of receiving the inspection request. A notice (pass or fail) will be left at the site by the inspector.

5. Approval for use process
When your system is completed and approved, the owner or the owner’s representative will receive the Permit to Operate at the site.

For more information, see FAQs ab​out on-site sewage program.