Water-Related Rules, Regulations and Permit Applications Open for Public Comment

LCRA posts water-related rules and regulations, and applications under LCRA ordinances that are open for public comment on this page. LCRA also posts notice of water contract applications scheduled for LCRA Board of Directors approval on this page.


Water-related rules and regulations

At its March 26 meeting, the LCRA Board of Directors will consider proposed updates to its drought contingency plans for firm water customers and DCP rules. The proposed changes include adding a drought response stage and additional mandatory drought response measures.

LCRA firm water customers, other than domestic, temporary, landscape irrigation and recreational use customers, are required to develop their own DCPs that are at least as protective as LCRA’s.

At its Feb. 21 meeting, the LCRA Board approved an amendment to LCRA’s current DCPs limiting outdoor watering to no more than once a week anytime the combined storage of lakes Buchanan and Travis is below 900,000 acre-feet. For the current combined storage, see the River Operations Report. Firm customers must adopt the schedule by May 1. The new watering restriction also is included in the proposed DCPs.

LCRA welcomes public comments on proposed plans and rules through Wednesday, March 13.

Notice of pending water sale contracts requiring LCRA Board action

There are no pending water sale contracts that require LCRA Board action.

Highland Lakes Dredge and Fill Ordinance permit applications

There are no permit applications pending under the Highland Lakes Dredge and Fill Ordinance.