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Residential Rebates

LCRA’s WaterSmart Rebates program can help offset the cost of upgrading irrigation systems, maintaining landscapes and pools, and installing rainwater harvesting equipment to help you save water and money.

Rebate eligibility

You qualify for an irrigation system evaluation and WaterSmart rebates, if:

Available rebates

LCRA provides rebates of 50 percent of the total cost, up to $600 per residential property, for irrigation evaluations, retrofitting or replacing irrigation system equipment, new pool filters and covers, aeration, compost and mulch, and rainwater harvesting equipment.

Irrigation system evaluations

An irrigation system evaluation will properly assess your sprinkler system’s needs, make you aware of any necessary repairs, and could help lower your water use by up to 30 percent.

Contact your water provider to schedule an irrigation evaluation:

  • Don’t see your water provider? Follow the steps below to be reimbursed for an irrigation system evaluation.
    1. Hire a licensed irrigator. Use TCEQ’s Homeowner Landscape Irrigator Search.
    2. Have the irrigator complete this checklist during their assessment.
    3. Complete the application and upload the completed checklist.
    4. After verifying eligibility, we will mail you a check up to $85 for the cost of the inspection.
  • If you receive water directly from LCRA, contact LCRA staff at [email protected] to schedule a free irrigation evaluation.
Irrigation system equipment, pool, landscape and rainwater harvesting rebates
Pressure-reducing heads and nozzles 50 percent of the cost of devices up to $5 per head or nozzle
Pressure-reducing valves and in-line regulators 50 percent of the cost of devices up to $100
Soil moisture sensors 50 percent of the cost of devices up to $250
Rain sensors 50 percent of the cost of devices up to $20
WaterSense smart controllers 50 percent of the cost of devices up to $100
Pool filters Up to $250 per high-efficiency cartridge filter
Pool covers 50 percent of the purchase price up to $50 per manual or solar ring, and up to $200 for permanent mechanical cover
Aeration 50 percent of equipment rental or contractor costs up to $50
Compost and mulch 50 percent of cost up to $150 per household. No activated sewer sludge.
Rainwater harvesting equipment $0.25 per gallon of storage capacity for a non-potable system, 100 gallons or greater, up to $600 or until sizing capacity is met, whichever is less
Information needed to complete the rebate application
    1. Itemized receipt(s)
    2. Photos of the upgraded equipment
    3. Information on items eligible for rebates, including:
      • Number of soil moisture sensors
      • Type of WaterSense smart controller and the type and number of stations it controls
      • Number of pressure-regulating heads and nozzles installed and operating pressure before
      • Pool filter brand and model
      • Number of cubic yards of compost of mulch
      • Rainwater harvesting equipment:
        • Tank size (in gallons)
        • Pump brand, model and cost
        • Roof area, landscape area by water use, and amount of sand, pavers and gravel used for pad (in square feet)
    4. Acknowledgement of the WaterSmart Rebates rules:
      • Applicant must have a water account with LCRA or one of LCRA’s firm water customers.
      • Applicant must provide a copy of itemized receipts supporting this application.
      • Rebates are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. LCRA does not guarantee sufficient program funding or that all applicants will receive a rebate.
      • Applicant must submit this application within 90 calendar days of completing the work.
      • Rebates cover equipment costs, not labor or tax, unless otherwise specified.
      • Work on the irrigation system has to be done by the system’s owner or an irrigator licensed with the State of Texas.
      • LCRA and its firm water customers are in no way responsible for the installation or operation of the irrigation equipment.
      • All rebates are for non-potable uses and should not connect to local or potable water systems.
      • LCRA and its firm water customers have the right, but not the obligation, to inspect the equipment installed to verify installations meet manufacturer requirements.
      • LCRA and its firm customers have not made and do not make any representations, warranties or promises, either expressed or implied, with the respect to any irrigation equipment, including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or quality, reliability, durability, water savings or compatibility with your existing irrigation system.
      • LCRA can terminate the WaterSmart Rebates program at any time.This rebate program is active as of 9/18/2020.

You also may print, complete and mail the application to:

Attn: Brett Briant WMF 120E
P.O. Box 220
Austin, TX 78767

If you have questions, please contact LCRA staff at [email protected].