LCRA Environmental Laboratory Services

A NELAP laboratory providing quality testing to safeguard public health and ensure regulatory compliance.

As part of the Lead and Copper Program, some Public Water Systems (PWSs) are required to monitor for Water Quality Parameters in addition to Lead and Copper.  Monitoring trigger criteria include:

  • PWSs with a population >50,000
  • New PWSs coming on-line
  • All PWSs who have exceeded the Lead and Copper action levels

Meeting TCEQ requirements

  1. Request a quote or order a bottle kit.
  2. If a quote is required, sign and return quote.
  3. ELS will ship bottle kits or schedule sampling event.
  4. Fill out the WQP Chain of Custody and collect samples for shipment.
  5. ELS will analyze samples and deliver the final report to our customer and deliver electronic data to TCEQ.

Water Quality Parameters Table

Analyte Method
Total Alkalinity 2320B
Calcium 200.7
Chloride 300.0
Conductivity 2510 B
Total Hardness 2340 B
Iron 200.7
Manganese 200.8
Sodium 200.7
Sulfate 300.0
Total Dissolved Solid 2540 C
pH* 4500 H + B or 150.1
Temperature* 2550
Orthophosphate** 300.0
Silica*** 4500 SiO2-C

*Parameter must be analyzed in the field by approved method (which LCRA ELS can offer).
**Only if inhibitors containing Phosphate is used.
***Only if inhibitor containing Silica is used.