LCRA leadership

LCRA’s Board of Directors is composed of 15 members appointed to six-year terms by the governor with the advice and consent of the Texas Senate. The Board meets regularly to set strategic corporate direction for the general manager and staff, to approve projects and large expenditures, and to review progress on major activities and issues.

The general manager serves as chief executive officer and directs the daily activities of LCRA’s staff. The general manager and general auditor are hired by the LCRA Board of Directors. The general manager’s senior management team includes the chief of staff; executive vice president of Water; EVP of Enterprise Resources; chief people officer and EVP of External Affairs; general counsel; EVP and COO of Transmission; EVP for Strategic Initiatives and Transformation; chief operating officer of Wholesale Power; chief financial officer; and EVP of Resilience and Technology. Read more about Phil Wilson and the senior management team. See the organizational chart.

LCRA’s Board of Directors oversees four nonprofit corporations. All members of LCRA’s Board also serve on the LCRA Transmission Services Corporation Board of Directors the Wholesale Energy Services Corporation Board of Directors and the WSC Energy II Board of Directors. Five members of LCRA’s Board serve on the Board of GenTex Power Corporation, along with four representatives from LCRA’s wholesale electric customers.