Board of Directors


The LCRA Board of Directors is composed of 15 members appointed to six-year terms by the governor with the advice and consent of the Texas Senate. The Board currently has one open position. The Board meets regularly to set strategic corporate direction for the general manager and staff, to approve projects and large expenditures, and to review progress on major activities and issues. For more information, see the Board and committee meeting materials.

Timothy Timmerman, chair
Travis County

Stephen F. Cooper, vice chair
Wharton County

Joseph M. “Joe” Crane, secretary
Matagorda County

Carol Freeman
Llano County

David R. Willmann
Llano County

Nancy Eckert Yeary
Burnet County

Twelve of LCRA’s 15 directors represent the 10 counties in LCRA’s statutory district in the lower Colorado River basin (San Saba, Llano, Burnet, Blanco, Travis, Bastrop, Fayette, Colorado, Wharton and Matagorda counties). Each of the 10 counties has one except for Travis, which has two. The remaining director’s seat is an “at large” position that rotates among the remaining nine counties.

Three directors represent LCRA’s electric service area outside the statutory district. These are “at large” positions that rotate among the counties in LCRA’s electric service area.

Contact LCRA Board of Directors

Mailing address
Board of Directors
P.O. Box 220
Austin, TX 78767-0220

800-776-5272, ext. 3142
[email protected]

Conflict of Interest Information
As required by Chapter 176, Local Government Code, Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements have been filed by the following LCRA Board members: none