HLWO Technical Manual and Construction Standard Details

The Highland Lakes Watershed Ordinance Technical Manual is a guide for property owners, developers and engineers on LCRA permit requirements and review procedures. The manual includes best management practices for meeting the water quality and channel erosion protection standards found in the Highland Lakes Watershed Ordinance.

Water Quality Management Technical Manual

Permanent Water Quality Feature Design Tool

  • Excel worksheet to calculate water quality volume and the size of permanent water quality management features under the Highland Lakes Watershed Ordinance

Technical Manual Bulletins

Construction Details

  • Biofiltration media section detail pdf | CAD
  • Biofiltration pond detail pdf | CAD
  • Cleanout detail pdf | CAD
  • Pipe outfall detail pdf | CAD
  • Raised outfall detail pdf | CAD
  • Rock divider detail pdf | CAD
  • Scour hole detail pdf | CAD

Erosion and Sediment Control Guidance

Notification of No Permit Required Documents

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