Economic Development

Let us help you find your business a home in Central Texas. Use our interactive map below to scout potential sites for your business and to learn more about how cities in this region can help you succeed. For more information regarding economic development, please contact Karen Dickson, LCRA Economic Development Manager, at 512-578-3291.
MAP TIPS: For a legend showing co-op customers, electric customer cities and electric services areas, click on the legend icon legend . To add or remove layers to the map, click on the layers icon layersClick to view the map in full screen.

  • Yellow data center zones depict areas within LCRA electric power customer boundaries that have available transmission system capacity within a 4-mile-diameter range.
  • Green zones depict areas that meet yellow zone criteria, and have fiber availability and are within a reasonable distance to one or more major highways or interstates.
  • Orange zones depict areas within LCRA electric power customer boundaries that have fiber availability within a 4-mile-diameter range.

Additional locations could be served via fiber. Find out more about LCRA Telecommunications services.

250,000 undergraduate  students in Central Texas are preparing to put the skills they’ve developed into use.

A regional economy with strong, steady and consistent growth, and a high employment growth rate.

Legendary music, outdoor spaces, culture and cuisine mean plenty of fun when the weekend comes.

It’s no secret that Central Texas has a lot to offer.

As one of the fastest growing regions in the United States, this area provides opportunities as expansive and diverse as its landscapes. Educational, professional and entertainment offerings abound, and a talented workforce has taken notice, settling in to make this area home.

LCRA is here to help keep this unique region energized, just as we have been doing for more than eight decades. We partner with cities and cooperatives to bring the benefits of public power to more than 30 city utilities and electric cooperatives in Central Texas.

Economic Development Discount
Businesses moving to or expanding in this area may be eligible for LCRA’s Economic Development Discount on power. Contact us to learn more.

Economic Development Contact
Karen Dickson, CEcD
Economic Development Manager
[email protected]

For other questions regarding LCRA, please use our Contact LCRA form.