Transmission Line and Right-of-Way Maintenance and Safety

Operating a safe and reliable electric transmission system requires continuous monitoring of transmission facilities and equipment.

This means that LCRA personnel are on the ground and in the right of way assessing portions of the transmission system owned by LCRA Transmission Service Corporation (LCRA TSC), investigating reported issues, completing detailed inspections and making spot repairs on an ongoing basis.

In addition, LCRA crews work at locations throughout the system to complete regularly scheduled maintenance such as replacing poles and insulators and clearing from the right of way vegetation that could interfere with the safe and reliable operation of the system.

Long-term vegetation control helps maintain safety and reliability. It also helps avoid increased transmission costs that result from frequent vegetation management activities. By managing transmission costs, LCRA TSC helps control the cost of electricity.

How you can help ensure safety

Although LCRA inspects the right of way regularly, you can help avoid electrical accidents and outages while protecting yourself and your property by following these guidelines:

  • Contact LCRA if you notice trees, limbs or tall, heavy brush growing in the rights of way.
  • As a general rule, do not plant trees or shrubs in the rights of way.
  • Talk with your local utility if you are considering planting near a transmission line right of way. Your utility can help you select plants that will not conflict with power lines.
  • When thinking about what to plant, it is important to know how tall and wide the full-grown plant will be. Generally, trees and shrubs with a mature height of 10 feet or less will not cause problems within the utility rights of way unless they prevent access to lines, towers or poles.
  • Select trees and shrubs that are adapted to the local climate and can withstand local storm conditions.
  • Never place or construct any habitable structures in the easement area.
  • Before you work in an easement area, contact LCRA to ensure your activities can be completed safely without interfering with the line.​

Safety around downed power lines

Downed power lines are dangerous. If you encounter a downed line, assume it is energized, stay as far away from the line as possible and call 911 to report it. Do not attempt to approach or move the line, and do not touch anything or anyone in contact with it. Keep children and pets away as well. Downed lines are dangerous even if they are not arcing or sparking. Here is more information about downed power line safety.


Have questions or need to report an issue? Contact the LCRA Real Estate Services Department at 1-800-776-5272, ext. 4545​ or ext. 4592.

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