Lakeway to Marble Falls Transmission Line Storm Hardening Project

LCRA Transmission Services Corporation is performing storm hardening on the 23-mile Lakeway-Marble Falls transmission line and other area transmission lines within the corridor.

The project will increase the reliability and safety of the structures and conductor by ensuring the transmission lines meet or exceed current National Electrical Safety Code and LCRA TSC design standards.

Latest Update – September 2023

View the hauling routes being used for the project with this map.

Related vehicle activity will be concentrated on the east end of the project, going from Lakeway to Bee Creek, early September through November.

Previous Project Updates

July 2023
Construction begins in July on the east end of the project. LCRA staff members and contractors will be present along the rights of way, and crews using large vehicles and equipment will be present during construction.

Program Timeline

Summer 2023
Construction activity begins on the eastern portion of project, Lakeway-Paleface, in Travis County. Clearing and excavation will continue into the Paleface-Marble Falls section, crossing into Burnet County, when east section is complete.
September 2023-May 2024
Replacement of structures and conductor planned for Lakeway-Paleface section.
Summer 2024
Right-of-way cleanup planned for Lakeway-Paleface section. Remaining excavation and clearing to be performed on the western portion of project, Paleface-Marble Falls.
September 2024 – May 2025
Structures and conductor to be replaced on western portion of project, Paleface-Marble Falls.
Summer 2025
ROW cleanup planned in Paleface-Marble Falls section.


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