North McCamey to Bearkat Transmission Project

LCRA TSC and Wind Energy Transmission Texas (WETT) are jointly proposing to build and operate a new 345-kilovolt transmission line to improve reliability and accommodate future demand and generating capacity growth in West Texas. The new transmission line is planned for portions of Upton, Reagan and Glasscock counties. It will connect LCRA TSC’s existing North McCamey Substation in Upton County with WETT’s existing Bearkat Substation in Glasscock County, which are about 60 miles apart.

The project requires LCRA TSC and WETT to amend their certificates of convenience and necessity (CCNs) with the Public Utility Commission of Texas. As part of the process, LCRA TSC and WETT will seek input from state and local elected officials and various agencies to identify routing constraints to help determine potential locations for new transmission facilities and assess the project’s potential impacts. LCRA TSC and WETT will hold open houses for the public to learn more about the project and provide their feedback.

Latest Update – December 2023

Dec 14, 2023
PUC selects route for transmission line
The Public Utility Commission of Texas approved Route NM19-OXY consisting of the following segments: 1, 2, 5, 11, 13, 15, 16B, 22, 30, 45, 58, 59, 60, 62, 84, 85, 90, 99, 104, 106, 112, 134, 138, 140, 146, 153, 155, 157, 158, 176 and 177. See the ruling [PDF]. Use the interactive mapping tool to zoom in and out on aerial imagery depicting approved Route NM19-OXY. Note: High-speed internet is recommended.

Example transmission structure for proposed project.

Previous Project Updates

August 2023

August 24, 2023
Draft Intervenor Map

June 2023

June 22, 2023
Application filed with the Public Utility Commission of Texas
LCRA TSC and WETT filed an application with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) on June 22 to amend their Certificates of Convenience and Necessity for the North McCamey to Bearkat 345-kV Transmission Line Project. The application includes data on 50 alternative routes that range from approximately 61 to 84 miles. Numerous other routes could be created by combining the filed segments into additional routes. The route order is numerical and does not signify any preference on LCRA TSC’s or WETT’s part as to which route is ultimately approved.

In the application, LCRA TSC and WETT identify Route 29 (consisting of segments 1-3-7-8-12-13-15-16B-22-30-45-58-59-60-62-84-85-90-99-104-106-112-134-138-140-147-148-151-154-161-163-164-170-172-175-177) as the filed route that LCRA TSC and WETT believe best addresses the PUC’s routing criteria. LCRA TSC and WETT based this on factors such as Route 29’s relatively low estimated cost and short length, and other criteria relating to the overall manner in which Route 29 minimizes impacts to the community by paralleling existing transmission line rights of way for a significant portion of its length, minimizing the number of habitable structures within proximity to the project, and minimizing impacts to natural and cultural resources.

All routes and route segments included in the application — available at the link above — are available for selection and approval by the PUC. The deadline for intervention in PUC docket No. 55120 is Aug. 7, 2023. If approved by the PUC, the transmission line is scheduled to be energized by June 2026.

Attachments to the CCN application:

Updated routing maps
The alternative route segments and directly affected properties can be viewed via the interactive mapping tool. Zoom in and out on aerial imagery that depicts primary alternate transmission line route segments, potential substation sites and property line information obtained from the county appraisal district. Note: High-speed internet is recommended. These maps are also called “Attachment 5” in the CCN application.

January 2023

Jan. 20, 2023
Open house materials
LCRA TSC and WETT hosted open houses Jan. 17-19 to share information with the public and answer questions about the project. Review the information from the open houses below.

Public open houses Jan. 17-19
Representatives from LCRA TSC, WETT and POWER Engineers, the routing consulting firm, will be available to answer questions and discuss specific aspects of the project.

Jan. 17, 5-8 p.m.
Upton County 4H Community Center
18001 W. Hwy. 67, McCamey, TX 79752

Jan. 18, 5-8 p.m.
Reagan County Activity Center
1205 N. Montana Ave., Big Lake, TX 76932

Jan. 19, 5-8 p.m.
St. Lawrence Parish Hall
2400 FM 2401, Garden City, TX 79739

Preliminary alternative route segments map now available
LCRA TSC and WETT’s consultant, POWER Engineers, delineated the project study area and has begun data collection and constraint mapping. Click to view the alternative route segments map [PDF]. (Maps with more detail will be on view at the open houses.)

September 2022

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ (ERCOT) Board of Directors recently designated the project critical to reliability of the ERCOT system. Projects designated as “critical” are considered by the Public Utility Commission of Texas on an expedited basis. LCRA TSC and WETT plan to file their joint CCN application by June 2023.

Project Timeline

August ERCOT Board designates project as Tier 1 critical status
September-December LCRA TSC/WETT identify preliminary alternate route segments
January Public open houses Jan. 17 (Upton County Community Center), Jan. 18 (Reagan County Activity Center) and Jan. 19 (St. Lawrence Parish Hall)
Spring/Summer Filing of application for CCN amendments
Winter PUC decision and final route determination
TBD Estimated project in-service date


Frequently asked questions [PDF]
Certificate process for transmission [PDF]
Interactive mapping tool: Zoom in and out on aerial imagery that depicts preliminary alternate transmission line route segments and property line information obtained from the county appraisal district.
Note: High-speed internet is recommended.
Texas Landowner’s Bill of Rights


Justin Stryker, LCRA Senior Regulatory Case Manager
[email protected]