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Monitoring and Data

Monitoring in the Colorado River Basin

​Clean Rivers Program partners routinely monitor the Colorado River basin at more than 150 sites between Big Spring and Matagorda Bay. Coordination among monitoring agencies is essential to ensure data is collected consistently. LCRA and the Upper Colorado River Authority host interagency meetings each year to maximize resources and reduce duplication. The resulting monitoring schedule allows environmental agencies to coordinate monitoring plans and share information with the public.

Water Quality Data

Water quality data are available at

Water quality data is collected under a TCEQ-approved Quality Assurance Project Plan to ensure minimum quality objectives are met. The data are used to:

  • Evaluate overall water quality and ecological conditions.
  • Determine the impacts of point and nonpoint-source pollutants.
  • Evaluate compliance with Texas Surf​ace Water Quality Standards.
  • Establish baseline conditions.
  • Illustrate long-term trends in water quality.

LCRA aquatic scientists collect and later release fish to assess water quality.​