Water Quality Permit Review Program


LCRA monitors permit applications submitted through other regulatory agencies to minimize the effects from pollutants entering the water bodies of the lower Colorado River basin.

The Application Review and Response Process (ARRP) committee is a multidisciplinary professional team within LCRA that examines permits for projects or facilities with regulated discharge and waste applications within the watershed to identify potential threats to water quality, and then works with the permitting agency and/or the applicant to address any concerns. ARRP routinely reviews in excess of 100 permit applications a year and has been instrumental in securing more protective requirements for a multitude of permits.

ARRP also actively participates in rulemaking, policy and other regulatory issues on federal, state and local levels that relate to water quality protection, and frequently collaborates with other entities and concerned citizens interested in protecting water quality.

Permits and Public Participation

The majority of permits LCRA reviews are issued through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality; however some permits are also issued under the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency, Texas Railroad Commission, Texas Parks and Wildlife, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and cities and counties throughout the region. These permits generally cover activities such as wastewater and water treatment processes, landfill operations, sludge processing, and agricultural and mining activities.

Most agencies allow public participation in their permitting processes. ARRP uses these opportunities to act as a member of the public to engage in issues throughout the lower Colorado River basin that could affect water quality.  ARRP follows the protocol outlined by each agency to ensure that any concerns or recommendations are addressed.

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For more information about LCRA’s water quality permit review program, contact Water Quality Coordinator Susan Meckel at 512-578-2450 or [email protected].